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Evan Jenkins & Joe Manchin.

Two Peas

In a Pod.

The facts make it clear – Evan Jenkins is too much like Joe Manchin to be the strong opponent.


Voted for a cap and trade scheme hurting West Virginia coal jobs, just like Joe Manchin.

Source: (H.B. 103, 2009, the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard)

Not only did Evan Jenkins contribute $1,000 to Joe Manchin, but he hosted a fundraiser which raised $6,000 for Joe Manchin.

Source: State of West Virginia Campaign Financial Statement (Long Form) in Relation to the 2008 Election Year

Source: FEC Individual Contribution Search Results

Evan switched from being a Republican to a Democrat and then back to a Republican…when will he switch back to a Democrat this time?

Source: The Herald-Dispatch & Charleston Gazette (link both to same PDF)

Both the American Conservative Union and Club for Growth have rated Evan’s voting record a lousy 53%.

Source: 2015 Club For Growth Scorecard

Source: American Conservative Union Foundation 2015 Ratings of Congress

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